Making the right product choices

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I am literally sitting here with 40 colourful straws on my head dreading going to bed because I know I won’t get any sleep! Anyways…

I forgot to mention that I have another contribution article on Global Couture.

How to Find the RIGHT Products for Your hair

     How to Find the RIGHT Products for Your hair

This is a 2 part article where I explain how knowing your hair’s structure (its characteristics) is much more valuable when trying to find products for your hair versus trying to determine your curl pattern. 

In this article (part 1) I cover the topic of hair porosity “How to Find the RIGHT Products for Your hair“. I start with going over what porosity means, how you can get an idea of your hair’s porosity (test) and based on the results of your test I suggest some products you might want to look at. 

I hope you enjoy the article!



The One Lovely Blog Award

Hey Maicurlies,

One lovely Blog Award

I hope you are having a fantastic day! :)

I believe July has just been my lucky month because I once again am honored and touched to be voted for the “One Lovely Blog Award” (OLBA). The ever so fantastic Keisha from Islandkynks voted for me. 

Keisha I have to say a big THANK YOU yet again for another vote! It really does mean so much to me :)

The award is basically given to show appreciation to “small” or new blogger/vloggers. It is aimed to give recognition, help the blogger/vlogger reach more viewers and also to say that the person who voted for you thinks your blog/vlog is “lovely”. 

There are a few “requirements” to follow in order to accept the award which I have listed below. 

Once again thank you Keisha! 


The guidelines for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

  • Thank and link person(s) who nominated you
  • List rules and display the award.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 Bloggers & comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated. - ( I do not know 15 “small” or new blogs to nominate so I shall nominate 10). 

My facts:

  1. I am obsessed with all things natural and DIY and this is not limited to Hair and Skin care products. I make my own jewelry too some of which originate from nature or recyclable products and try to do little DIY projects around the house…yes obsessed.
  2. I am petrified of heights! Anything 3 stories or higher and I start to do that nervous laugh…you know the one where you are not really laughing but not yet crying either, that one!
  3. I am also scared of clowns and mimes anything with a “mask” e.g. a ton of face paint. 
  4. I am addicted to Johnny Depp…not not obsessed but ADDICTED….mmmm :D
  5. I would love to travel around the world, eat tons of good food, drink good wine, meet wonderful people and just indulge in different cultures. 
  6. I like heavy metal music :) I like a lot of the “older stuff” but some new bands too. Play it loud and proud! 
  7. If I could eat pizza, pasta, butter popcorn and cheese everyday all day I would! (I am obsessed with food lol). 

I nominate:

Love Thy Introvert

Clueless Curl

Natural Review 

Crazy 4 Coconut

Classy Curlies

Glam Natural Life

Tiffany Nichols Design

Healthy Hair and Body 

Natural Nicole

Minimalist Beauty

Have a fantastic day Maicurlies and nominees! 




Ms. Nicole – Feature Story on Maicurls

Hey Maicurlies,

The lucky girl that I am is happy to yet again share the natural hair journey of another gorgeous natural-head Ms. Nicole, owner of Natural Nicole.

Natural Nicole

Nicole is an “Old timer” Natural who has been rocking her stunning curls for the last 3 years, after 20 years of having used relaxers. She was wonderful enough to share her story and experiences with me and I am excited to share them with you Maicurlies! (Thank you for sharing Nicole!) 

You can read all about Nicole’s journey over here

If you happen to be looking for a source of product reviews, hair tutorials, hair care tips or even poetry, then you will want to visit Natural Nicole! The blog is easy to follow with some great information and inspiration. 

Nicole also supported me on her blog by featuring my story which you can read here

Once again Thank You Nicole for sharing your story with us! 



DIY Rosewater Flaxseed Spray Gel

Hi Maicurlies,

So I have been experimenting again! And I am excited to share my…

Flaxseed Spray Gel

                        Flaxseed Spray Gel

Yes you read that right, DIY Flaxseed Spray Gel!

Now let me clarify, it is basically Flaxseed Gel that I dilute down to make it thin enough to pass through a spray pump and spray out evenly… I LOVE it!

I have a video up explaining my process (below)

How I make it

To make my mix I use my DIY Rosewater infused Flaxseed Gel recipe and then add extra

  • Rosewater*
  • Plain bottled water*

to thin it out. I also throw the mix in my blender to pulse it and that is it!

*To water it down you can use any liquid of choice. I choose to use Rosewater and plain water because I actually use them in my Flaxseed Gel recipe and because I my hair loves them.

You watch the video  of how I make my DIY Rosewater infused Flaxseed Gel below:


When making the spray, there are two things you need to make sure of:

  1. You are using a spray bottle that will evenly mist out the spray instead of “spit out” the gel.
  2. You have the right consistency so that the pipe of the spray will actually pickup the gel. 

*It might take a bit of trial and error till you find the right container and get the right consistency for your spray. 

Flaxseed Spray and Regular Gel

                                             Flaxseed Spray and Regular Gel

When do I use the spray?

  • I like to use this on dry hair since it is gives a light hold so using it on wet hair would just further dilute down the gel.
  • I use it to help tame flyaways
  • Lightly holdup an updo
  • When I do not want to dampen my hair with too much products (e.g. when my hair is stretched)
  • When I want to have gentle hold on a twist-out with out resorting to using a lot of gel (e.g. if I need to touch up a twist-out but do not want to waste products on hair that will be washed in a day). 

Do you use a spray gel? If so what do you use? I you try Flaxseed Spray Gel I would love to hear about your experiences! 




Feature story on Natural Nicole

Hi Maicurlies,

I have been featured Ms. Nicole’s lovely Blog Natural Nicole. Do take a look at her blog as it contains hair tutorial videos, product reviews and even poetry! 

Nicole was kind enough to share my story along with a few of my photos on her blog.

Featured on Natural Nicole

                                           Featured on Natural Nicole

For a full read please visit my Natural Spotlight Feature on her blog. Nicole also has a few other natural hair stories on her blog that are really inspiring! 

(P.s. I shall be sharing Nicole’s story on my blog too so keep your eyes peeled for her “Old-Timer” Natural spotlight feature.)

Thank you for sharing my story Nicole! :)



Summer-ing it up with skirts, shoes and accessories!

Hey Maicurlies,

So once again it has been extremely hot and it looks like it is going to remain this way for a while ;) I am not complaining because I LOVE summer shopping!

I threw together some skirts with bandeau tops of different sizes, styles and colors. What’s an outfit without shoes and accessories? BORING! So paired with some pretty heels or flats and complimenting earrings and you are summer ready!Summer-ing it up with skirts, shoes and accessories!

Protein boost for shed hair

Good Evening Maicurlies! 

Recently I started noticing that I might have a little more shed hair than what I consider “normal” (for myself). I have an article on Global Couture about the difference between hair shed and breakage here. I will quickly explain below about shedding just  in case you are a “newling”, 

What is shed hair?

Shed hair is “old” hair that falls out because its life cycle has ended. We know that hair is not “alive” per say but even so it has a life cycle. The life cycle begins when it forms under the scalp to when it sprouts from your scalp and finally falls out. On average hair grows for 2 – 8 years before falling out but it depends from person to person. 

You can identify shed hair due to the bulb at the end (where it fell from your scalp). It has a white round shape to it due to the lack of melanin (color) that occurs right before the hair is about to fall out. It is said that it’s normal to have 50 – 100 pieces of shed hair per day so if you start seeing much much more than that you might need to investigate. 

What can cause excessive shed hair?

The number one person why you might experience excessive shedding is because of a lack of protein. But this is not the only cause of excess shed hair:

  • Health/medical issues
  • pregnancy
  • not enough exercise/improper eating
  • stress
  • new products
  • reactions to medicine

can also contribute to excess shed hair. It is important to try and pin point when you start noticing the difference and what exactly could be causing it. This is where a Hair Journal can come in handy. I have written about keeping a Hair Journal here.

My hair is long and when double or triple folded it can look deceiving like a lot more than just 1 piece but regardless, there has been more shed hair than normal and I think it might be my conditioner. I am now researching to find another conditioner (that’s a whole other story)!

I do want to reinforce my protein treatments which is why I have come up with a “fortified” Deep Conditioner (DC).

My normal protein treatment consists of:

Protein DC for strength

                             Protein DC for strength

  • 1/3 cup Coconut Milk
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 1/3 cup Plain Yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons Conditioner
  • 1 teaspoon Grape Seed Oil

New “fortified” Protein DC:

  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 1/3 cup Plain Yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Conditioner

I will of course follow up with my moisturizing DC afterwards to re-balance my hair. Hopefully with a stronger protein DC and a new conditioner that will help keep the shed hair in line!

What is your favorite Protein DC? What do you do if you notice excssive shed hair? I would love to hear from you!